Ten Steps to HIPPA Security

The final rule adopting HIPAA standards for the security of electronic health information was published in the Federal Register on Feb. 20, 2003 [and goes into effect April 21, 2005]. This final rule specifies a series of administrative, technical and physical security procedures for covered entities to use to assure the confidentiality of electronic protected [...]

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Cloud computing services are changing how businesses and public institutions use information technology. Today cloud services are available to meet most any IT need. Although there's great variety among cloud computing services, all such services have certain basic features and benefits in common, and all can be categorized into a few basic cloud service types. [...]

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Lead Generation

If B2B sales leads generation is what you want, focus your advertising’s message on the benefits and applications of your products or services. Then let the layout and design of your ads enhance your company’s image. Put benefits in your headlines If you put a benefit in the headline you’ll have a better [...]

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How Important is your Business Website

To improve your business results through your business website you need to realize that the internet has completely changed business. It’s not only a primary source of information, but it is also a primary source of commerce and customer communication. You need a website for your business because people are spending such a huge [...]

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