“The Helpful Computer Guy…is just that, the Helpful Computer Guy. When you need help, he’s always available, whether by phone or in person. No problem is too big, or too small. He also is very honest, if the computer can be repaired, he does it… if it can’t, he gives you alternatives. I completely trust The Helpful Computer Guy…100%” – R. F.

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If your internet connection (DSL or higher) is working, you’re on a Windows XP, Vista, or 7 computer and you’re having some problems call us and we can probably help you even without having to
come to your home or office. We can see your screen and share control of your mouse to help
solve the problem.

Product Details
Simply call us (210-385-4287) and with your permission we’ll help you get us connected.

Simply to go www.fastsupport.com, enter your first name then we will give you the
9 digit key to get us connected.

We’ll help diagnose and repair many software issues.

Tutoring is also available through remote assistance.