The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is here to stay. The questions to ask about HIPAA begin with (but definitely not limited to):

• Is your office HIPAA compliant or not? Can you answer confidently?
• When was your last HIPAA compliance check for your office – IT and general?
• Are you training your staff for HIPAA compliance when they are hired? Documenting it too?
• Are you aware that HIPAA fines start at $25,000 per occurrence (not per employee)?
• Are you aware that you are required by law to report breaches to all of your patients and HHS (Health and Human Services)?
• Do you have encryption on all of your computers or just the ones you think it needs to be on?

We can provide a HIPAA compliance review to determine if your office can pass a HIPAA compliance inspection. With fines starting at $500 per occurrence and reaching up to $1,500,000 for certain breaches you want to be sure you are compliant. Compliance is not a onetime review. Yearly checks are required to make sure your office continues to pass the compliance standards. Annual training for your employees is also necessary as is documenting that training.

Compliance is not simply restricted to the cyber world. Physical inspection of the office and employee desks is also required as this is where many offices fail compliance standards. Leaving paper out on the desk or leaving computers unlocked when employees step away from them happens all the time.

Contact us to discuss our review process and schedule the initial review of your office. We do offer a free 1hr initial consult but this does NOT include the HIPAA review itself or our advice on what to do for HIPAA. The free 1hr consult is to discuss your current and long term needs and if we are the right company to help you with those needs.

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