Our Services

Remote & On-site Support

On-Site IT Services

We are not just a remote IT company. If you are in San Antonio and the surrounding area we can and will provide on-site services in addition to remote services. We do not charge extra for on-site services.

Phone & Virtual Support

We will attempt to take care of your network remotely first to save you money and time where we can. Some services require on-site service but those that can be done remotely will be.

Virus Removal and Prevention

We can provide antivirus software and take care of cleaning viruses from you computers/network when they do happen.

Network Services

We provide network support to include set up, maintenance, troubleshooting and monitoring.
*Monthly subscription required for monitoring.

Data Backup & Recovery

Whether you are using a server in your office or have fully moved to the cloud we can set up data backup to keep you from losing your important data.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Whether you are under HIPAA compliance or not you should be ready for a disaster situation (data loss, server or cloud failure, weather issues, etc) and test your solution to make sure it will work for you if needed.

Email Communications

If you are still using yahoo.com, gmail.com or your internet service provider email we can move you into a real business email to match your website domain address. We can troubleshoot and help maintain your email and set up encrypted email for sending sensitive information securely.

VoIP Phone Solutions

VoIP phone systems are here to stay so if you are on an older system and would like to move into current technology we can help with that migration. Most VoIP phone systems are cloud based so you do not have to buy a system to keep in your office.

Backup Internet Options and Configuration

If your business relies very heavily on cloud services we can setup a backup internet to keep you online if your primary internet goes down.* Where services are available.

Maintenance Cleanings and Support

Computers, servers and network devices need maintenance just like your car and home do. We can help with that maintenance on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual bases.

IT Consulting

Managed IT Services

We provide remote IT services including antivirus software, network monitoring, cloud backup, etc.

Service Agreements

We offer month-to-month (30 days-notice to cancel) service agreements to help you set a budget for your IT services.